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  1. While watching the film, I was certainly taken back almost immediately at the production. Clearly, it is not the type of film I am used to watching. The films that we come across now a days certainly have more audible dialogue and complex story lines. It was a bit challenging for me to watch because I felt like it required more of my attention in order to fill in the gaps of the story.

    Jack comes from a traditional Jewish family with 5 generation of cantors. He loves to sing but does not feel the same calling that his father and ancestors did to sing in the synagogue. He is basically disowned by his father for pursuing a career as a jazz singer instead of complying to his father’s expectations.

    I think the portrayal of immigration and race relates directly with our time. I have read several books regarding ethnic minorities in America where a similar struggle is presented. The younger generation is the one that is trying to figure out how to both integrate the culture they come from and assimilate into American culture. It is a timeless struggle that, I think, will always be present when it comes down to immigration and race.

    Rogin argues that minstrelsy was a gateway to letting many, such as the Jewish Americans into the Hollywood scene. Minstrelsy was a very popular form of entertainment in the 19th century and was used as a medium to represent popular American culture. Therefore, it was shown in films to connect the gap between different ethnic groups and their assimilation into American culture.

    Rogin’s argument certainly did illuminate the film for me. In some ways I felt like he was able to fill in the gaps that I missed such as how the sound represented progressiveness and assimilation into a different culture. I had some knowledge of the effects of minstrelsy but after watching the film and reading the article my understanding was taken to a different level.


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